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Thank You for wanting to help support The cost of running the site is increasing to the point it's more money than my car payment every month to keep online. If you can help it will be greatly appreciated. If you do help support the site you can feel like your helping many other people that enjoy the site but are unable to help. 

What started as a way to have a little fun is turning into a major online community with many different cost to maintain it. The site went from costing me about fifty dollars a month to maintain to well into the hundreds. The reason being that the more people that use the site the more it cost to keep alive. We went from sharing a server with many other small sites to requiring a dedicated server that I have to pay for every month. The more the site is used the more bandwidth is used. That is how the web host charges us by how much bandwidth is used each month. Every time a page loads or a picture is looked at it is drawing resources from the server and host and they charge for it.

The software for the site is more of a fixed cost but it does cost money to pay for upgrades and security patches that need to be installed. Some of these we try to install ourselves but many are to complicated and we have to pay others to do this maintenance for us. The advertisements that newbies and guest see don't come close to coving the cost but are needed to help.

You will notice some people have an image under their name on the forums  
They have made a donation and we put this image under their name so people will know they help support the site. If you make a donation let me know and I will put this image under your name as well. 

Making a donation will not automatically increase your user level from a registered member to a Gold member though. If you do make a donation please do not expect special access or privileges. That wouldn't be fair to the others that work hard to be active members. Also please do NOT donate if you think you may need to ask for the money back. Please only give what you can afford.

Ways to make a donation!

Because PayPal considers our site an adult site I can not use their banners or service on the site itself. I have been using AlertPay which works the same way as PayPal. It is safe and they will accept your credit card transactions.

If however you want to use paypal my email address is

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