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  1. Read Before Posting
  2. Site Rules
  3. Private Messages
  4. You Must Be At least 21 Years Old To Be Here!
  5. To Help Prevent Underage Users, Please Put Your Birth Year In Your Profile
  6. Deleting Profiles
  7. Inactive Members
  8. Personal Information
  9. Information about the site, posts/counts, rep power, alert emails, etc...!
  10. Avatars for the under 500 posters.
  11. Your email address shouldnt be posted here
  12. Avatar Rules! Also for albums, pictures/links in the forums, sigs and profile pages!
  13. Informations in your profile!
  14. Personal Information Is Your Responsibility
  15. Duplicate Memberships are not allowed!
  16. Old Rule New Enforcement
  17. Site Leaders and Moderators
  18. Pictures in the Albums
  19. Site rules of= Keep all personal disagreements private & out of the public forums
  20. Members asking you for money!
  21. Facebook Info...read this
  22. Porn