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  1. Married And Flirting Chat Now Open
  2. Multiple Orgasms
  3. Do you watch adult movies?
  4. Do you like Porn On The Internet?
  5. where did you meet your partner (bar, church, work, etc)
  6. Whats Your Best Wet Dream Fantasy?
  7. Do guys mind if a woman smokes cigarettes
  8. Do you kiss your partner goodnight
  9. scents
  10. What Would You Want Your Partner To Wear During Sex?
  11. Do you leave the bathroom door open
  12. What was your most embrassing moment!
  13. Once A Cheater..Always A Cheater?
  14. G Spot
  15. Saturday night what happens guys/girls
  16. Growing old
  17. where am i "???
  18. Would You Go Topless If It Were Legal?
  19. Have you told anyone about this web site?
  20. Film star material
  21. Massage
  22. Where was the most unusual place you had sex ?
  23. Your first boyfriend or girlfriend
  24. What was the greatest lesson you ever learned...
  25. The first thing you did this morning
  26. What Is Your Favorite Website?
  27. If You Saw Someone You Knew Naked On The Internet Would You Tell Them?
  28. The Definition Of The Word Fuck.
  29. Teenage years
  30. Brain Power
  31. What's the most flirtatious way you use your mouth?
  32. Seduction
  33. What did You Find Irresistible About Your Partner?
  34. Kissing / How do you like to be kissed?
  35. Your sexual life style
  36. Last man or woman?
  37. I think I want new boobs
  38. Let's Be Naughty
  39. Sex, Sex, and more sex....
  40. The Worst Things To Say To A Women
  41. The worst things to say to a man?
  42. Romance Is Alive and Well
  43. Love names... What's yours?
  44. Introductory Course to Cybersex
  45. While flirting, who do you think must approach first?
  46. A story of my evening...to share with you
  47. Your First Time
  48. Missed Opportunites
  49. How compatible are you and your partner?
  50. Embarrassing Moments
  51. Is Sex Fun Or All Business?Any difference with making love and having sex?
  52. if you knew someone was cheating would you tell?
  53. Caught masturbating?!
  54. Protectors of Potential Pussy
  55. What do men really want!!
  56. Tell us one thing that your lover doesn't know.
  57. What are you going to do tonight to relax?
  58. Signature move
  59. next door
  60. Past Lovers
  61. Do you remember your first Love?
  62. Im so excited.....
  63. Which body part from a celebrity, you wish you had?
  64. How Many People Have Seen You Naked
  65. Have you ever participated in a threesome or more?
  66. Chat Room Info
  67. I like to Tease Men
  68. webcam experience
  69. Freaky things you have done or has been done to you?!
  70. Is this site good for your relationship?
  71. For you my love, where ever you may be....
  72. Most embarrassing sexual moment?
  73. When was sex at it's best!!!
  74. Signature Lines
  75. Does revenge make you feel better?
  76. What does ISO mean to you
  77. Friends or Lovers?
  78. wifes online "friends"
  79. Married and Flirting Detox Center
  80. I want a cool nick name too
  81. married to a lovely battle axe
  82. How come nobody is in the chat room?
  83. Bubba The Love Sponge
  84. True Confessions
  85. I Miss...
  86. Something nice about you.
  87. how long
  88. thanks
  89. Hickeys
  90. arrrrrgh ? for the ladies
  91. How Do I Get My Husband To Notice Me?
  92. Feeling Kinda Randy
  93. Age and sex?
  94. I love redheads......
  95. Does Your Partner Know you are here or question your online activities or be upset?
  96. What's the worst thing you have done to get back at him/her for cheating?
  97. If You Could Dress Your Partner
  98. Describe How You Think Someone Here Looks Like
  99. Women and vibrators
  100. cyber vs porno
  101. Where is everyone from?
  102. If you could go anywhere.... where would you go and who would you go with?
  103. Opening Lines
  104. 3 things about the person above
  105. What is your BMI?
  106. the vacation thread
  107. Think of Sex at Inappropriate Times??
  108. Another time, another place
  109. If Your Partner Left You
  110. People With Pictures In The Gallery
  111. First Dates, Pick Me Up.
  112. If You Were To Be The Opposite Sex...
  113. If there is one thing/gift.....
  114. I Love It Here
  115. Pheremones.....do they really exist ?
  116. Funk
  117. What Do You Find Sexy?
  118. What is your favorite?
  119. Thank you very much for such a good work
  120. married /flirting
  121. Why do married women hate sex??
  122. Sorry Guys Last Night
  123. Chatty Lunch Hours
  124. Our Anniversary today
  125. 51 and never been kissed
  126. flirting technique
  127. mindless flirt
  128. How Did You Know? Please Reply Need Advice
  129. Tell us a funny story that happened to you.
  130. Flirting choices.
  131. Tgif
  132. Hug A Day!
  133. Why do women pick the bad guy?
  134. What's the weirdest place you ever skinnydipped?
  135. 2006 a good or bad year
  136. Who does your partner look like?
  137. Make A List Of Things Your Partner Could Do To Make You Happy
  138. Proposals, What was yours like?
  139. If Your Child Was Getting Married What Advice Would You Give?
  140. Is Porn Cheating
  141. What Would You Like To Say To Your Partner But Are Afraid To?
  142. Would Anyone Else Want Your Partner?
  143. Self Improvement
  144. The most Powerful thing in the world.
  145. Have You Ever Made Out .... ?
  146. Everybody loves the bad guy.
  147. I need...
  148. N E 1 from Tampa
  149. Ask A Question.
  150. STRIP POKER for flirters
  151. Have you ever had the opportunity to sleep with any of your in-laws? Did You?
  152. Does anyone have a pet name for their private parts?
  153. One choice...
  154. Singing and Santa, goes so well together.
  155. How Was Work Today?
  156. What Kind of Partner
  157. Naughty or Nice?
  158. Anyone up for a chat?
  159. Porno movie name
  160. flirting
  161. Do opposites attract?
  162. One night with a film star
  163. Whats your price
  164. One last thing
  165. Absolute Nonsense!
  166. Off to work
  167. So glad to have found this place
  168. Scared to ask?
  169. Whats the one thing you want to do before you die?
  170. What happened to Lady's Tee?
  171. Greeting Cards
  172. Have you met your online lover in person? What was it like?
  173. I've Arrived!!
  174. Dinner in a South Beach bistro and a midnite swim in the warm ocean!
  175. A Kiss to This Place
  176. Advances...
  177. What Does He/She Sound Like?
  178. How did you come to find M&F
  179. I wanna ?????
  180. Hey Everybody
  181. Rumors
  182. Health Alerts and News
  183. fun
  184. Group Meeting???
  185. Wanna be my Valentine??????
  186. Freak in Bed Test
  187. Great Site
  188. The other side of the story
  189. Popping the Question
  190. What are you really here for?
  191. hot movies
  192. flirting
  193. G Spot
  194. Playboy centerfolds
  195. how to get that lost spark back???
  196. Mystical Powers
  197. desert island
  198. worse thing......
  199. Romeo Juliet Love ???
  200. What Happened?
  201. just want to have a companion
  202. Is it possible?
  203. Friends
  204. Do you ever feel trapped?
  205. Fantasy Date/night
  206. Connecting the states (or country)
  207. Rich or Soul Mate?
  208. Flirting to Land a Job?
  209. A Question for the Ladies
  210. Good Day..
  211. Flirtalicious or Lickalicious???
  212. Chicago area flirts?
  213. Music that speaks to you
  214. What can you do to bring a smile to someone today?
  215. Attn! All Undercover Freaks!!!!!
  216. How do you like it??
  217. My XXX Movies!!!!
  218. Have you Ever Paticipated in Swinging???
  219. Do you lick, suck or bite your lollipop?
  220. How's it Hanging?
  221. Are you a lefty or a righty?
  222. Ever faked an O?
  223. Can a submissive partner change?
  224. Pennies in a Jar
  225. Hedonism III Anyone ever been?
  226. That First Kiss!!!!
  227. Worst Line you Ever Heard...
  228. The RIGHT thing to say during sex!
  229. Age Lies
  230. Best way to decline a date
  231. romance and the beach
  232. Would you like ICE with your SEX?
  233. Public Bashing.....
  234. Is anyone happily married, but just really curious?
  235. Let's be Nice!
  236. Big O's Weekend Bash Thread
  237. M&F Podcast anyone?
  238. which is sexier, tan lines or all over/no tan lines?
  239. Is there such a thing as, "Just sex, no strings attached?"
  240. Why Do Some Women Post Naked Pictures On The Internet?
  241. Who's In Charge?
  242. Mighty's Drunkin Post
  243. Mortifying Moments
  244. Doing the laundry while doing the nasty?
  245. How To Say I Love You!
  246. What do women imagine...
  247. A Debt of Gratitude!
  248. What are you outta?
  249. Fun with Haikus
  250. Fathers Day - This Sunday! Give Tasty Steaks