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  1. Previous introductions
  2. What is your favorite sensually enhancing toy or game to play?
  3. Hello Earthlings...
  4. Which Celebrity would you choose to have sex with?
  5. Quotable Quotes
  6. Tell us what you're looking for
  7. A Place To Put Your Profile
  8. What blows your mind in the bedroom?
  9. looking in jacksonville,fl
  10. Where is the craziest place you have had sex?
  11. How do married men get lovers?
  12. Help a guy out?
  13. Looking in Seattle area.
  14. hi
  15. California Flirting and looking
  16. Roll Call of Metro DC Folks ...
  17. Best Way to Pick Up A Woman ...
  18. Condoms???
  19. NM male looking for fun
  20. boston male looking
  21. Married St. Pete/Tampa male looking
  22. Need Some Lovin'
  23. I Want My Brother-In-Law
  24. Michigan's Adultery Law ...
  25. Any girls from Tampa wanna do lunch
  26. Group meeting
  27. Young, cute NYC male looking for a little spice outside marriage
  28. any ladies want to get to know a cute young married male
  29. Spouse dreams
  30. Hello from Texas
  31. Why doesn't love follow me?
  32. How can I post my pics???
  33. Just a quick hello
  34. Orlando Conference March 4-8 Looking for fun!
  35. South Central BC ladies, where are you
  36. any lady in western massachusetts
  37. NEWBIE in New England
  38. Women Flashing vehicles
  39. best drink to make
  40. around conway ark
  41. Penis size is stamped on men's shoes??
  42. Rules of an affair
  43. The Bridge...
  44. Madison Wisconsin
  45. Florida Gent south of Tampa looking for a lady friend
  46. Chicago Area Members
  47. Boston Fire looking to chat
  48. Curious people please read!! I need some help!!!!!
  49. What's Your Preference Part Duex
  50. My situation (bit of a read)
  51. Women don't make passes...
  52. Your Single Most Romantic Memory?
  53. Where Good Friends Gather
  54. Do you enjoy phone sex?
  55. How can you be sure your spouse isn't here?
  56. Long Distance Cyber relationship
  57. In Search Of
  58. Share interest
  59. what if you found someone here.....
  60. Are you looking for friendship or an affair?
  61. Is there room for more than just one?! *not as rude as it sounds*
  62. Men Go For Hot Women
  63. How many partners?
  64. What u will do...
  65. Hedonism anyone?
  66. Does it have to be this difficult?
  67. Wish I was in that movie
  68. What if.......
  69. If your significant other
  70. You are looking
  71. Ladies in their prime.
  72. What is the most sensual thing anyone has ever done for you?
  73. How do you like to seduce your partner/potential partner?
  74. I find it difficult to talk to my wife.
  75. A hot question
  76. Kinky places you're willing to have sex
  77. What line by men turn women off?
  78. Hooking up
  79. Being Happy
  80. Play another somebody hurt someone song
  81. Do people make you think your crazy?
  82. Resigned to the fact.
  83. Trust
  84. Smoking on the Affair
  85. I have tried figuring this out in other threads.....
  86. Exchanging info
  87. Sexy muscular guy New Marietta Ga. area
  88. Has Anyone Ever Had Disappointing Sex?
  89. If You Won $5 Million In The Lottery......
  90. What is the difference between "Oooh!" and "Aaah!"?
  91. nudist
  92. Let's have a lunch masturbation session.... who is up for one?
  93. Here's Fifty Thousand Dollars!
  94. Any females in The San Francisco Bay area?
  95. Have you tried to bring up swinging? Would you....
  96. Spontaneous Sex
  97. Your Best Advice
  98. Curious or just Horny?
  99. Magic needs to flirt to get to 500.... Lets talk about Love.. what is love?
  100. The Biggest Mistake....that you would do over again?
  101. Co-Worker
  102. What brand of condom
  103. Lonely
  104. does anyone have advice for unhappily married
  105. Is there one person out there made just for me?
  106. No means no
  107. How do you protect yourself from being crushed here on M&F?
  108. Is it possible to just be friends?
  109. How do you go about finding
  110. Why do some women......
  111. I would like to take my foot out of my mouth
  112. a second part to touching...
  113. favorite actors to describe who you are
  114. If i get no sex at home...
  115. Can people change?
  116. Dress Up?
  117. will miss u all
  118. Fetishes!
  119. Married too early?
  120. Thanks for everything M&FC
  121. Loves her but no longer in love
  122. Why Still Together ????
  123. Do men ask married women out for dates?
  124. My wife said she wants sex any chance she gets
  125. the big attraction
  126. Wife doesn't even masturbate...nor interested
  127. Psychological compatibility
  128. Introduction from the new guy
  129. Blockbuster...a great place to flirt?
  130. Where is everybody from?
  131. I'm not suppose to be here...my story ahead
  132. World's best pick up line
  133. What do you do to let someone know......
  134. Cyber-relationships
  135. Anybody ever been to a sex club?
  136. What would most married women say to this to an attractive male?
  137. How do I tell how many posts I have
  138. I might
  139. How to pick up a married woman?
  140. wife cheated on me, looking for affair no strings, interested? ny area
  141. classified ads
  142. Whiteknight
  143. Married and Looking in the Boston Area
  144. Have you met someone here? Read...
  145. Headache + Sex = OUCH!
  146. Looking foe chatt
  147. Married and looking Triad, NC
  148. How to meet someone?
  149. who's game?
  150. looking for the spark
  151. How do you have an affair?
  152. Any good place to go dancing in Greenville, SC
  153. North Jersey Rendezvous
  154. kentucky women
  155. Anyone from Scotland here?
  156. What Is Your Idea Of The Perfect Day With Your Special Partner?
  157. Am I an idiot?
  158. Things not to do on a first DATE!
  159. New date with an old fling
  160. Online Affair - Just Say No!
  161. Reasons men have affairs
  162. Rules for having an affair
  163. Two-part question for everyone......
  164. If you got busted
  165. Greetings!
  166. Three Little Words
  167. Dirty Little Movies
  168. Ok, better question ... be honest
  169. Raise your hand if ......
  170. OK ... new question
  171. Why did you join?
  172. I've been looking for excitement.
  173. Losing my mind!
  174. Wife Gone...Tips?
  175. When do you tell?
  176. Who has had success meeting someone?
  177. Destiny
  178. Been hit on lately?
  179. How many times a day?
  180. exes
  181. Favorite Part?
  182. Starting a conversation
  183. How to get the females feedback?
  184. I need something
  185. Online Vs Real Life
  186. Looking for another couple to chat with
  187. Are there any lonely married ladies in Seattle looking for spice and adventure
  188. looking for something extra
  189. FOR THE LADIES,,,are you happy with your partners size
  190. New Divorced/Separated Forum interest?
  191. Reasons Women have affairs
  192. MWM 49, Missing the Passion in So. Cal.
  193. When to open up?
  194. Single...but comfortable around women?
  195. Married and looking in California
  196. what can really happen, it was all in good fun
  197. Married and Looking to Play in the Youngstown area
  198. edmonton guy...looking
  199. Hello all Newbie needs help !
  200. What do you want
  201. 69 Lets talk about......
  202. Where are all the Wild Jersey Girls?
  203. Can You Remain As Friends After You've Had Sex?
  204. Why did you pick your avatar?
  205. Wife suggested I get some NSA, need advice possible hook up
  206. Looking for women from NJ
  207. Where are all the Texans?
  208. Do you gravitate to people from your area?
  209. This one is for the Ladies....
  210. Any Calgarians on here?
  211. Who has met here?
  212. Long Distance Relationships
  213. Looking for FWB philadelphia
  214. What is your sexiest non-sex quality?
  215. How do or did you bring up the subject
  216. uk (gloucester) girls anywhere?
  217. Quote from a relationship book
  218. Advice/Instruction/Direction for a Naive, Sheltered Dude
  219. Am I selfish?
  220. looking a little something extra in kinston nc
  222. Are you just playing with me?
  223. Ever happen to you?
  224. Best way to be discreet
  225. Looking in the SW PA AREA.Friend/Chat and or more
  226. Aussie guy visiting Boston
  227. Any women from Bama/NW Florida/SW Georgia
  228. G Spot
  229. Does being here make me a pervert???
  230. Hi Im new and Looking in Orlando
  231. Email Pals
  232. Who here is not married? Single, divorced, separated, etc.
  233. Anyone looking for some fun....
  234. massage therapy
  235. where to flirt
  236. dating for married ppl
  237. Spouse in distress (Johannesburg, South Africa)
  238. Leicester UK, or nearby
  239. Lonely in late-February
  240. I need a gay male friend
  241. Illinois flirting
  242. What Is Love Here At The Site?
  243. Ashley Madison Frustration
  244. Foreplay for women
  245. Females From Long Island NY Looking for NSA Fun ??
  246. Passion....please
  247. Infatuation or Love?
  248. Flirting in NY/NJ
  249. Does your other half know
  250. North Ga