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  1. How Many People Have You Had Sex With?
  2. Do Men Like Women With Big Boobs
  3. I'm Thinking Of Changing My Hair Color
  4. Would You Change Your Gender For A Day?
  5. Can you tell if your partner is faking an orgasm
  6. Voice Chat Is It Worth the Investment
  7. I thought this would be an interesting poll
  8. How do guys prefer their women???
  9. What Do You Do After Sex?
  10. How do you rate Cybersex
  11. Whos the loudest, are you a silent partner?
  12. Ginger or Mary Ann
  13. Is Your Partner Good In Bed?
  14. How Many Times Can You Orgasm?
  15. If you could would you do yourself?
  16. Would you rather have a blowjob with a condom
  17. What Brought You Here?
  18. Do women who go braless want to be stared at?
  19. Men: Do you prefer younger or older women than yourself?
  20. A Rose By Any Other Name
  21. Age difference...
  22. Is flirting healthy?
  23. Who Will Win The Super Bowl?
  24. When You Have Sex Are The Lights On Or Off?
  25. Just out of curiosity
  26. Do you have stronger orgasms through intercourse or oral sex?
  27. Finally
  28. How Would You Rate Your Partners Looks
  29. How Would You Rate Your Partner In Bed
  30. It has been said people that have pets tend to look like them...Do You?
  31. What is your best feature?
  32. How do u deal with it ladies?
  33. If your spouse cheats, do you want to know?
  34. Anyone Fancy A Chat?????????
  35. Is it easier to be a man or a women
  36. Do You Wish Your Penis Was Bigger?
  37. Do You Wish Your Boobs Were Bigger
  38. Does it matter what a "chatter" looks like?
  39. Strippers "The devils ladies"
  40. Pay per vice!
  41. How many boards/sites are you a member in?
  42. Does Tiger Flirt
  43. An old reliable question?
  44. How often do you have sex?
  45. Charlie's Angels?
  46. Does a chatter matter in a relationship?
  47. nudist camp
  48. Political Correctness
  49. Are you a ...
  50. Who are you ...
  51. Sex and the cycle
  52. Poll: Would you go on a CRUISE?
  53. At last someone who understands me...
  54. Are you healthy?
  55. Is OIC getting tamed?
  56. Which Zodiac sign are you?
  57. Where's yours?
  58. Any preferred age for a partner?
  59. Who does the IM thing? Which one do you prefer?
  60. Chick Flicks....
  61. Should they or shouldn't they?
  62. 2016 Olympics
  63. Where would you relocate?
  64. I Wonder.........
  65. Last time you had sex who was it with
  66. Guys would you ever let your woman sleep with another man?
  67. Have you named body parts?
  68. Do MEN become more desirable to other women AFTER marriage?
  69. What's your favorite "first" in a relationship?
  70. Work release
  71. if you had your choice what would you take
  72. Do Men Want Sex With Every Pretty Woman They See?
  73. would you take the pill?
  74. Loose Lips Sink Ships!
  75. Strip Clubs
  76. Last minute cruise
  77. do you
  78. What do men and women hate most in the bedroom...
  79. Are age differences a turn on?
  80. Ladies - is male versus male confrontation a turn on?
  81. What's your favorite place for "water sports" ?
  82. Hair...
  83. Is This Site Worth Getting Caught?
  84. Should Newbies And Lurkers Be Able To View Avatars?
  85. Is Cybersex Cheating
  86. is there such a thing as over used?
  87. Would You Have Sex on the First date or encounter?
  88. Affairs and Telling
  89. We are the Best Friends
  90. Friendship Quotes
  91. How many different sexual partners have you had
  92. Watching partner/spouse ?
  93. Hairstyles ~ What's your preference?
  94. Help...User Name Correction?
  95. Poll: How do you feel about it when people hook up here?
  96. Should Women Act Their Age?
  97. sexy accents
  98. Has being here helped things at home?
  99. New format of this site!
  100. What do you like to drink with your dinner?
  101. What do you sleep in?
  102. What will Momma have :
  103. Smells that turn you on?
  104. Ladies, how do you like your men, with facial hair or clean shaven?
  105. Are You Involved With Someone From This Site?
  106. Biggest Turn Offs
  107. Eyes...
  108. Chatters vs. Posters
  109. Should the Marriage Contract change?
  110. Is male circumcision necessary ?
  111. Sex And Drinking
  112. How Good Are You In Bed
  113. Ladies only... Would you want to go?
  114. Will the Real “Sparkie” please stand up!
  115. Well do men prefer blondes??
  116. Men and women alike......
  117. Will You Have Sex Under The Xmass Tree?
  118. How Kinky are you in the bedroom? Find out....
  119. Bah Humbug!!!
  120. Physical Features
  121. oh! oh! Works Christmas Party !
  122. Describe the perfect guy for you
  123. Cheat on their spouse.
  124. How do you react when encountering someone who doesn't share your beliefs?
  125. A day in the life of......
  126. women's hair length
  127. Food Network
  128. Givin the opportunity
  129. Winkers
  130. How Creepy Are You?
  131. What Offspring Song are you?
  132. Wines....
  133. What type of person was your spouse?
  134. If you were to marry or re-marry
  135. Sitting Or Standing, How Do You Wipe?
  136. Would you or have you gone on a cruise by yourself?
  137. When is sex best for you?
  138. if i feel it does she?
  139. Ladies Driving Motorcyles!! Hot or Not?
  140. Do you surf the site invisible?
  141. Ladies Poll: Does facial hair turn you on?
  142. Choosing sides.....
  143. Any Problems After Upgrade?
  144. Should People With 0 Post Be Allowed In Chat?
  145. Should Unregistered People See The Avatars
  146. How Many People On Your Buddy List Here
  147. Personality Preference?
  148. Private pictures
  149. Who would buy this stuff???
  150. Signature Lines, should the length be limited?
  151. How Clean Is Your House?
  152. Do you have a perfect spouse
  153. Sexy scents....
  154. Rate your affair.
  155. Cougars
  156. How do you deal with rumors?
  157. What Style Do You Surf This Site With?
  158. Sexless Friendship vs. Pornstar partner
  159. Who is your celebrity "girl crush"? (ladies only)
  160. rumors
  161. Are You Submissive?
  162. whats your darkest secret?
  163. Theme of the week for the MEN next week!!!
  164. Sexiest movie (non porno)
  165. Classic movie lines...
  166. Buying feminine products....
  167. Spouse vs Lover
  168. nipple clamps love them or hate them?
  169. The Scent of Sex
  170. Ladies....Which movie star are you???
  171. How Our Children Embarrass Us....
  172. Are You Fashion Conscious?
  173. What makes a woman sexy?
  174. Wooohoooo For Me!
  175. For the guys...
  176. Planned or Spontaneous?
  177. Boxers or Briefs?
  178. Bad Sex vs No Sex
  179. If you could pick one place in all the world to live...
  180. Men and their cars
  181. Which would describe you
  182. Hot Videos, name your best
  183. What sex position is most like your personality?
  184. Are freckles sexy?
  185. Platonic or Not??
  186. tell the truth
  187. new quiz
  188. new quiz for us
  189. a new quiz for you
  190. confession time....is that you in the avatar??
  191. What is the worst "date" you ever experienced?
  192. Hairy men like them or not?
  193. Fantasy or reality
  194. Sky Diving
  195. What have you had or going to have for your dinner
  196. What are the reasons YOU perform oral sex?
  197. If you knew now?
  198. Rate how hot you are sexually
  199. Taking It for the Team
  200. You Decide Blonde Or Brunette For Me
  201. Tall, dark and handsome??
  202. Poll : Male or Female
  203. How do you like your women??
  204. Ladies... what body type are you??
  205. Are You Happy With This Site
  206. Girls and trucks sexy?
  207. NICELY endowed, or nicely endowed?
  208. How Far
  209. Super Bowl!
  210. Why Do Marriages Break Up?
  211. Anyone interested in Couples Cyber Chat?
  212. When your spouse encourages you to flirt
  213. What you wanted vs. what you have had
  214. Ladies would you rather a a good or bad boy?
  215. Cuties or Hotties?
  216. Ladies: Bi-Curious?
  217. Got Heart?
  218. Has anyone here been caught by a detective agency hired by your spouse
  219. What sounds like good eatin'?
  220. Curious: Are you "taken"?
  221. Favorite Alcoholic Drink
  222. Let's talk numbers....
  223. Hump Day
  224. What's your Dummy site?
  225. The Kinsey Scale & Sexual Fluidity
  226. How beutiful is my girl... She is Awesome
  227. Is PAgirl Hot?
  228. Are you looking for a summer romance
  229. Girly Girl vs.Tomboy
  230. while we are on the subject of talk during sex
  231. What are you reading.....
  232. Health, Wealth or Love
  233. GAS Prices...
  234. Sexting...Parents take note....
  235. First Thing Noticed
  236. The Spark..??
  237. Do great minds think alike?
  238. the munsters
  239. stretch marks and cellulite
  240. For The Ladies
  241. Squirting Dildo's....Yes or No???
  242. Ladies mild / moderate exhibitionist?
  243. Exotic Dancers
  244. What is your favorite music to…?
  245. Ass Slapping
  246. Guys... Turn on question
  247. Girls... Turn on question
  248. Ladies - QUICKIE ??
  249. Ladies... Initiating Sex??
  250. Ladies... Have you or would you?