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  1. Tattoos / Do guys like them on women?
  2. Tell us about your day!
  3. What is for dinner tonight?
  4. If you could do it over again would you marry the same person?
  5. Do You Eat In Bed
  6. Your Favorite things to do?
  7. Recipes to share
  8. The last thing you do before going to bed.
  9. Stress management technique
  10. What time do you get up in the morning?
  11. Members in/out/update thread
  12. Any musicians here?
  13. What are you afraid of?
  14. It's the little things in life that mean so much.
  15. How Often Are You Online?
  16. What is your star sign
  17. If you had 1 minute to live, what would you do?
  18. Women, do you dress to impress men or women
  19. Traditional Male/Female roles
  20. favorite restaurants
  21. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  22. Mother-in-laws
  23. Getting to Know each other Better
  24. I believe......
  25. Do you tell people here more than people you see all the time?
  26. Motorcycle lovers
  27. Childhood Memories
  28. What are your summer vacation plans?
  29. Why I love this site
  30. What Would Your Best Friend Say About This Site?
  31. Drugs
  32. Drink of choice?
  33. Where Would You Like To Live
  34. Is it the chase?
  35. Suicide Over A Broken Heart
  36. I'm In The Mood for .....
  37. Is it wrong to ask for support from all of you????
  38. Are you a jealous person
  39. What do you get for $160,140.00??
  40. What are you NOT looking forward to
  41. Previous threads
  42. Television shows - past and present
  43. Are You Or Your Partner A Snoop?
  44. Are You Happy?
  45. mid life
  46. Do you remember?
  47. Whats in your nightstand?
  48. Frenchie's Free Hug outreach program
  49. Common Ground
  50. Never too Late....
  51. If I had a million dollars I would...
  52. Where do you like to sleep?
  53. Which aftershave / perfume do you use?
  54. Things You Will Never Learn
  55. How Do You Handle Married Life Issues?
  56. getting snipped
  57. Do they have any good points?
  58. Firsts.....
  59. Mid Life Crisis
  60. Is sex overrated?
  61. teenage Kids
  62. Why be married???
  63. Where did you meet...??
  64. WTF Moments
  65. Falling out of love?
  66. Do these pants make me look Fat?
  67. Who is your true love?
  68. Where is the best place to flirt?
  69. what is love?
  70. Make-up Question
  71. Body language
  72. I've Been Having An Affair
  73. What do you feel when you love someone?
  74. If I had to live by one rule, it would be _____
  75. Why?
  76. Lies
  77. If you had a choice...
  78. What are we Feeling today our Mood our Thoughts?
  79. Your spouse would freak out if they knew...
  80. Why do we hurt the ones we love?
  81. Festivals...
  82. Frenchies Free Hug Program Version 2.0 "Spa Edition"
  83. Dreams......??
  84. Sex Quiz...
  85. Some very useful advice for the kids...
  86. Finding Out Husband was in Cybersex?
  87. Do you rely on First Impressions?
  88. I'm not actually married
  89. laughing together
  90. What drives you (Passion)
  91. How do you feel about wedding rings?
  92. I'm guilty!!!!!!!
  93. Chastity - any thoughts?
  94. 7-7-7
  95. what do you do when you re bored
  96. Do you ever?
  97. What MEN / WOMEN Says and What their actual Meanings
  98. Why do guys fall in love with girls ?
  99. For all the parents out there!
  100. What's the truth?
  101. Negativity...
  102. communication gap by default
  103. night out
  104. preferences
  105. Future Planning
  106. Sign's of Gold digers
  107. How do you feel after you help someone?
  108. Where do you stand??
  109. What have you done just for you?
  110. Today I have been Married for 26 years
  111. Need Opinions...
  112. Sickly Wife
  113. Plans for labor day
  114. Maybe it is my turn for a rant
  115. The male period
  116. These are a few of my favourite things!
  117. I think I lost my man card.
  118. How are you today? No, really, how are you?
  119. How are you today? No, really, how are you? #2
  120. Why Do We Take It?
  121. Crap you don't need
  122. Ever Wish You Had?
  123. Guidelines for breaking up
  124. Insomnia.......what do YOU do when you can't sleep?
  125. Just curious ?
  126. Do you communicate?
  127. what do you do....
  128. Crossroads
  129. M & F Family
  130. My favorite thing.......for girls ONLY!!!
  131. If you had one freebie
  132. Honesty in Relationships Survey!!
  133. A Good Morning
  134. What are you listening to right now?
  135. Dumb things you or your spouse ever asked eachother!
  136. That clown in front of you!!!!
  137. Rules that don't make sense!
  138. Best Household Hints
  139. Travelers or Dreamers who dream of traveling...
  140. Can Women Really "Have It All"....
  141. seeking some advice
  142. do you mind.......
  143. Vacations
  144. Is it possible.....
  145. Why not leave?
  146. Waiting for the other shoe to drop
  147. Indifference
  148. Public make out places
  149. How do you think
  150. optimist or cynic
  151. I'm grateful for......
  152. Best/Worst spouse
  153. Biggest sex mistakes?
  154. The Color of Money
  155. What Makes A Good Kiss?
  156. Stuff we say to our kids, over and over again...
  157. M&F friends
  158. Your Spouse Will Find You Here
  159. Hot Television stars Past and Present
  160. Illness And Our Loved Ones
  161. How often do you......
  162. Wife Swap or Husband Swap
  163. What Good Deed ...... ?
  164. The big talk...
  165. Hello
  166. Loaded Question: Why are you married?
  167. Is it ok to flirt with other people when you are married??
  168. 6 ways to get the sex you want from your man
  169. A Challange To Everyone
  170. The Love Of Our Children
  171. We still talk but
  172. I'm close, she's not
  173. After “the big” talk…
  174. Tastiest Part
  175. Heart or head?
  176. Parents Log
  177. Flip Floping in Relationships ...
  178. Have you ever thought of
  179. Economics and Relationships
  180. The Members of M&FC
  181. Say Something Pleasant
  182. Pet Questions
  183. Happy Turkey Day!!!
  184. Who does the cooking
  185. Do the kids know
  186. Pain of a married man......
  187. Who Do You Respect?
  188. Snoring and sex life?
  189. Antagonist or Protagonist
  190. Just for a moment
  191. Least Favorite Thanksgiving Dish
  192. who likes?
  193. DO women perfer?
  194. What is Love...?
  195. Why do women make men beg?
  196. Am I the only one?
  197. Does flirting here....
  198. The Next Survivor Series
  199. Men's Lingerie?
  200. Differences in how men and women think about and do things
  201. Have we changed?
  202. husband acting strange
  203. hello
  204. Pixie and haggis
  205. Holiday Recipes To Share
  206. Good Advice
  207. Ways to Keep Your Man From Straying
  208. 'Tis the season...!!
  209. At What Point?
  210. A Few Nice Things About Men…
  211. Thanks everyone!
  212. When you read advice on this site....
  213. Love lust
  214. Boring
  215. An Analysis of Crying for Men
  216. back for good...
  217. Home Alone?
  218. How To Get Rid of Unwelcome House Guests
  219. Names for Grandparents
  220. I could have been...
  221. A Silhouette from M&F Past
  222. Happy Holidays From Thick
  223. Need a name for my new puppy...
  224. CoCola
  225. Hurry Less, Worry Less
  226. New to room
  227. when wife ask's
  228. Our most heart felt sympathies Scoob
  229. separation coping
  230. Dream a little dream with me.......
  231. A Plug For Our Beautiful Women Here...
  232. Avatar Commentary Thread
  233. Under the influence?
  234. who would you rather have spent your New Year's with
  235. Happy New Year!!
  236. Tell me about your workout...
  237. Keeping the balance
  238. Hitchhiker
  239. Are we overvalueing the sex?
  240. Who do you prefer to lose:Friend or lover?
  241. Reinventing..???
  242. rings
  243. Did you ride the bus in grade school?
  244. looking for advice
  245. How do you deal with.....
  246. Aa
  247. Having a Bad Day?
  248. I'm running away for 3wks...no really I am!
  249. Sprinkles
  250. Differences in Love