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I Believe

Posted 09-28-2015 at 08:22 PM by redcat
Updated 09-28-2015 at 10:20 PM by redcat
June 25th was a Thursday. How do I know? That evening I heard the ringtone I set for my daughter-in-law and smiled as I picked up and said "hi".

I didn't smile again for several days.

What I heard on the other end of the call was unintelligible...then, in the background, I heard a woman's voice saying, "he's breathing....he's breathing".

After calming my DIL and getting her to take a deep breath, she told me she and my son had been in a motorcycle accident.

They were still on the side of the highway, and she called me! Several people had stopped to help, one of whom was a nurse and thankfully she knew enough to safely turn him on his side as he was bleeding pretty badly from somewhere in his mouth.

The evening passed with texts and phone calls back and forth over the next 5 hours...and ending the night telling his dad and grandmother what had happened.

I still didn't have a lot of information other than he was alive and in ICU, my DIL was banged up and refusing medical attention, my grandbabies were at child care and I was 2000 miles away

The accident could have been so much worse - neither of them were wearing helmets (no mandatory law....grrrr); son was thrown 20 feet from the bike, and DIL was thrown 10 feet away.

She was walking, but sore and hurting. He had no broken bones or injuries to major organs, aside from his brain. Yeah, not exactly a small thing! He hit face first. His sunglasses apparently saved his right eye. It was blackened and who knows what happened to the contact lens...but no damage to the eye itself. The brain shear injury and subsequent bleeds were another story.

In ICU they were keeping him in 4 point restraints as he was combative and pretty much out of it. Before we arrived on Saturday, the doctors told DIL he probably wouldn't really recognize anyone for 2-3 weeks and it could be easily 6 mos to a year before he could return to work, if then.

This 'kid' of mine has always been hard-headed but this is one time I'm really glad of it. He progressed faster than anyone anticipated.....3 days in ICU, 3 days in the Trauma unit and then moved to an inpatient rehab facility for speech, physical and occupational therapy.

It's hard to watch your child struggle to find a word that their own toddler knows...or watch them walk while struggling to maintain their balance. The physical pain he had was minimal compared to the pain I saw in his expression when his kids were afraid to get near him in the hospitals.

We all knew that with a TBI like he had, we had to be patient, but it wasn't always easy. His temper would flare unexpectedly and to say he was stubborn would be putting it mildly. The hospital went from having a sitter with him 24/7 to a bed alarm as he improved, because he was bound and determined he wasn't going to ask someone to come walk with him to the bathroom. LOL After hearing the doctors say one more good bump to the head could result in completely debilitating injury, coupled with the fear he would fall, was scaring all of us, except him.

From the intial prognosis of 2-3 wks before he recognized people, to being discharged in just under 3 weeks is nothing short of a miracle, in my book and here we are, 3 months later and he has been cleared and has returned to work. If he has no problems in the next year and the recommended tests at that time come back fine, they say he can consider himself to have had a 100% recovery.

There's a saying that says - Don't drive faster than your guardian angels can fly. His angels sure must have been looking out for him that day!!

There has been a lot of discussion in the NewsRoom threads lately about religion and people's beliefs - well, I believe! Things could have been so much worse - but he lived, they have healed and we have been blessed with friends who supported us with prayers, love and support in ways for which I can never express enough appreciation.
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wayneypoo's Avatar
simply magical story ,xxxxx
Posted 09-29-2015 at 05:40 AM by wayneypoo wayneypoo is offline
hijiller's Avatar
So very lucky..but what torture for you and family!

My husband hurt his referred to as "the bad knee" and he didn't ride his bike for a year. But he held onto it. Finally i just put an ad on Craigslist and sold it. I felt guilty like I was selling poison. Bikes are the most dangerous ways to get around..thrilling, but no more for me. I still have my 180 scooter, but it's about to go too.
Great blog, Red.
Posted 09-29-2015 at 10:09 AM by hijiller hijiller is offline
SunnyD's Avatar
HUGS!!! A very trying time I'm sure for you, but I am thrilled your faith stood by you
Posted 09-30-2015 at 06:23 PM by SunnyD SunnyD is offline
katydid's Avatar
Red~ How scary for you! I'm so glad things to have progressed so well.
Posted 09-30-2015 at 07:11 PM by katydid katydid is offline
Stew's Avatar
You never know whats in store.........cherish life, it is short......

Thanks for sharing
Posted 09-30-2015 at 10:18 PM by Stew Stew is offline
gdgrl's Avatar
Hi Red, I hope things continue to progress. It's in these moments that we search for something positive to believe in and I don't think we can be judge for doing so. I will send a prayer for a speedy recovery!
Posted 10-12-2015 at 12:29 PM by gdgrl gdgrl is offline
scoobertina's Avatar
Wow, I'm so glad they are safe.. Belief is strong.. Hugs and prayers to you and yours.
Posted 10-24-2015 at 01:18 PM by scoobertina scoobertina is offline
Nina5's Avatar
This is amazing.
Posted 12-12-2015 at 09:21 AM by Nina5 Nina5 is offline
tink062570's Avatar
I am sorry I missed this earlier than now but you sure have one amazing angel on your side and I hope they are all are still doing wonderful Red
Posted 12-14-2015 at 10:10 PM by tink062570 tink062570 is offline
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