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Novels and Authors

Posted 10-14-2018 at 09:22 PM by hikergeek
I am writing this because I wanted to give a much lengthier explanation than I could in a post or wall message.

I have several authors I have really enjoyed reading over the years. I mean to the point if exhausting or nearly so the author’s published works. For the 20th century I have two: Jack London and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Coincidentally enough both succumbed to alcoholism and passed away in their 40s which now seems way too young. Yet they both wrote a lot. My favorite London novel would be either Call of the Wild or The Iron Heel. As for Fitzgerald, hands down it is The Great Gatsby. Some of his short stories are also memorable (that was his forte) to me. Quite a few had romance as their central theme. Nit to leave out the 19th century, I prefer James Fenimore Cooper and not just for the Last of the Mohicans series but also for his naval books such as The Pilot or The Two Admirals.

Now, out if all the books written by those three authors it us hard to narrow it down to one or two special favorites but Fitzgerald is the one I have re-read because his characters are often easier for me to identify with and understand. That is I could see myself as a character in one of his stories. Maybe, if I ever bring myself to write a novel I could put myself in a Fitzgerald like story.
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