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Here we go again!! lol

Posted 06-22-2012 at 07:23 PM by Ally
Alright so Jay turned out to be an idiot. Seriously...I think he lacked some brains. I mean, DUH..he let THIS get away!! ok I can't say that and keep a straight face...whew.

Well I'm never one to lose hope or at least I try not to for too long. I dived right back into the dating site again after Jay turned out to be Mister OH so WRONG.

Here is a new batch of characters I think you'll be able to tell who is my favourite but I'm not making the same mistake of focusing TOO much on one just to be disappointed again.

Bachelor #1: Harry

Okay I'm not a fan of his name. But am I going to be like a Seinfeld episode who cuts people from my list just for little things like that? I'll find a suitable term of endearment so I never have to say his name. Sorry for any Harry's that are reading this...eek!

ANYWAYS...Harry is older than me, 43, who seems to want a young hot thing. Am I the young hot thing? I don't think so but he seems to think so. I KNOW Harry is not the one. But he's an attractive guy and a lot of fun to talk to. I'll give him a drink date just to get out of the house.

Bachelor #2: Teacher Mike

We have been going back and forth with messages for a few days and he seems like a really great guy. He's the same age as me and he is in school to become a teacher. I guess he decided later in life what he wanted to do and went back to school. I admire that! He hasn't asked me out yet though so I'm not too sure if we're just being friendly with each other or if there is actually something developing or not. Right now I feel like it's a penpal thing we have going

Bachelor #3: Dave

This guy can FLIRT! He's sooooo sweet and nice. He is really clever in his messages and seems really smart. There's only one problem...I'm not SUPER attracted to his picture. But his personality definitely makes him more attractive. I would definitely meet him in person to see if there are any sparks there. He makes me laugh a lot!

Bachelor #4: Eli

LOVE the name. He didn't have a picture up of him on his profile and usually I'm kind of nervous about that. But in the place of a picture he had a quote. It's a picture of an old couple walking hand in hand and the woman asks "How did we manage to stay together for so many years?" and the man responds "Because we come from an age where if something is broken, we fix it". It really grabbed my attention so I messaged him. I hardly EVER initiate by sending a message. But for some reason, I felt compelled to. Well, he and I have been going back and forth practically non-stop all week. We are texting and I find myself constantly checking my phone...and usually pleasantly surprised that there is indeed a text there waiting for me from him. He is open, sweet, smart, HILARIOUS, all the qualities that I seem to be looking for are there. So I finally asked him if he could send me a pic. He said sure no problem. I was soooo nervous. I opened it up and guess what? I gasped. He's COMPLETELY my type. I hate to compare but he's like that last guy Jay...except with a much better personality and WAY more communication. So....we're definitely getting there. I am NOT going to claim this is the one like the last one. I won't make that mistake again. But I'm definitely encouraged that I found someone that I like so much so quickly.

Hmmmm...which one do you think I like the most?
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msu's Avatar
It's so painfully obvious. Harry!

(P.S.---Good luck with Eli.....)
Posted 06-22-2012 at 08:11 PM by msu msu is offline
DomesticDiva's Avatar
LOL @ Harry....Awww potter might be a good guy....

Give #3 a chance, he's like the underdog
Posted 06-22-2012 at 09:30 PM by DomesticDiva DomesticDiva is offline
bryan3636's Avatar
I have absolutely no idea how you can remember who's who! Dating is hard work!
Posted 06-23-2012 at 01:53 AM by bryan3636 bryan3636 is offline
Ally's Avatar
lol Bryan - to be honest, I have slipped up a couple times and asked the same guy the same question or have forgotten things like "does he have kids?" and I'm afraid to ask again. I should keep notes or somethin
Posted 06-23-2012 at 09:07 AM by Ally Ally is offline
Sensual Woman's Avatar
I kinda like #2 myself
Posted 06-23-2012 at 03:55 PM by Sensual Woman Sensual Woman is offline
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