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Please take a moment and share why if you are stronger now than you were before:

A few of you know I live on the beach in North Carolina. Recently my husband decided to leave me for another flight attendant he works with, leaving me in the wake of a massive storm that I had no clue about how to prepare for. I gathered my wits and said "Sam, get your sh** together girl, you are on you own". I bought a generator, massive amounts of staple groceries, lots of ice, brought in firewood, and made sure I had batteries, candles, and water abounding. I took my horse Toby Keith inland to a friend's farm to make sure he would be safe and then I came back home to ride out the storm in my house with my trusted dogs. the wind was howling and the sand blowing along with the surf raging and threatening but I had to do this. You may think I was crazy but then I thought so too. I rode out the storm with minimal damage, meaning I lost some of my roof and a couple of broken windows, my car is completly destroyed from a telephone pole falling on it, (thank God I took my truck) but me and my pups are OK. This morning the calm awoke me, I opened the blinds to see the surf had calmed and the clouds were swiftly moving out, still some light rainfall but it is beginning to look like the worst is over!!!! As soon as the roads here are opened up and are passable I will go get Toby Keith and bring him home...... I will start to rebuild my life with me, myself, I, and my trusted companions. To the jerk of a husband that left and moved to NYC with his lady friend, I sincerely hope that you faired well in the storm... as for me I DON"T NEED YOU!!!! I am so much more self-confidant than I have ever been in my life.
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