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DG vs The Big City

Posted 04-07-2016 at 05:47 PM by disturbiagirl
You may or may not know this, but I grew up on a ranch and went to school in a tiny town. In fact, when I was a senior, there were 45 kids 8th-12th grade, so we’re talking tiny. The majority of my adult life was spent in a town of about 300, so I was considered “citified” by the folks back home, even though I could hear the cows from the ranch outside of town, and my neighbor had chickens and roosters. Even in that city, it was remote enough that the nearest Wal-Mart is 90 miles away.

Three years ago I moved to the big city. Ok, probably not “big” by NYC or LA standards, but with ALMOST 170,000 people, it feels pretty big to me. I’ve learned a few things since moving here. Number one is there are stop lights EVERYWHERE!! Apparently I can no longer drive 50 mph through town, and despite all of the driving lanes (sometimes there are 3!!), it seems like it takes me longer to go 20 miles in town than it EVER took to get to Wal-Mart back home.

There are coffee shops in every block. Fancy, expensive coffee shops, where people spend more for a cup or two than I do for an entire container of coffee at the grocery store. Isn’t that wild???

I’m beginning to think blinkers are an expensive option for the city cars, and nobody wants the added expense. I see a lot of drivers, but no blinkers. It’s an odd phenomenon.

I’ve also learned that it must be important to announce your arrival to the neighborhood each night at 10:00 or later, by cranking the car stereo as loud as possible. I don’t MIND re-hanging my pictures on the wall each morning, but my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, so sometimes I forget where I wanted to hang them again.

I suspect there must be some sort of tax break for people with dogs. Not just any dogs mind you, big loud constantly-barking dogs that like to prevent me from sleeping and prefer MY grass to do their business.

So although I DO like some of the conveniences of living in the big city, I do miss the peace and quiet, the privacy and the “neighbors”. Hopefully soon, I can recapture my roots, because this city living is turning them gray!!
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hijiller's Avatar
You must have committed a really bad sin you haven't mentioned, DG, because you have landed in hell. You need to move to NYC where 6 people will attack you if you don't pick up your dog poop, where traffic never moves, so you walk or take the subway and get squished either way, but one is fast and the other is interesting.

But you can't escape those coffee shops, however, you can also buy fresh inexpensive fruit on the street corners and as far as loud music? Everyone has earbuds and a scowl if you raise your voice.

thanks for are so funny..not remembering where the pictures go..definitely my kind of humor. xoxo
Posted 04-07-2016 at 05:55 PM by hijiller hijiller is offline
Updated 04-07-2016 at 06:01 PM by hijiller
disturbiagirl's Avatar
Good grief hijiller, you just described one of my worst nightmares!! I mean, I've seen those horrors that you just described on tv....are telling me its REAL??? I wouldn't last 5 minutes and I supposed I'm not allowed to whip out my pistol and shoot a rattlesnake in Central Park?? I do have one question though, about something I've read a few people REALLY pee on the subway???
Posted 04-07-2016 at 06:02 PM by disturbiagirl disturbiagirl is offline
ZoydW's Avatar
One of the real treats when visiting NYC is walking past alley after alley that smell of urine.
Posted 04-07-2016 at 08:03 PM by ZoydW ZoydW is offline
hijiller's Avatar
Zoyd, you need to stay away from the shipyards.
Posted 04-07-2016 at 08:12 PM by hijiller hijiller is offline
TomIAm's Avatar
You ain't living in a city unless the phrase "Roll 'em up!" is a part of your everyday driving around vocabulary!
Posted 04-07-2016 at 09:51 PM by TomIAm TomIAm is offline
disturbiagirl's Avatar
I've never even heard that phrase Please explain
Posted 04-07-2016 at 10:21 PM by disturbiagirl disturbiagirl is offline
Just A Girl's Avatar
I loved this! My hubs is from a town of 200 and watching him adapt was interesting. It's enlightening to hear it from a perspective that's not his
Posted 04-07-2016 at 11:34 PM by Just A Girl Just A Girl is offline
TomIAm's Avatar
Here - watch this instructional video
Posted 04-07-2016 at 11:41 PM by TomIAm TomIAm is offline
I love posts that describe how one perceives a brand new culture eacpecially when the new culture is one I might be familiar with, it give an insider a perspective or insight that otherwise would not be possible. I would be interested in hearing more about how you take it eh people, the day to day you feel they cone across.
Posted 04-08-2016 at 08:35 AM by latin13 latin13 is offline
bryan3636's Avatar
Small town girl...ahhh, you love the smell of cow dung in the morning, no windbreaks so everything blows away, where everybody knows everybody and especially knows all about your sex life and menstrual cycle. Ah, to be a small town girl!
Posted 04-08-2016 at 09:02 AM by bryan3636 bryan3636 is offline
disturbiagirl's Avatar
LOL @ bryan....we have lots of windbreaks although they don't seem to block the incessant winds. And they know about my sex life because, well...they WERE my sex life

Thanks for the video Tom, I remember that!! Lol

latin...for the most part, people are decent, perhaps not as friendly up front but I'm fairly social so the stuck ups don't stand a chance!! .
Posted 04-08-2016 at 09:30 AM by disturbiagirl disturbiagirl is offline
redcat's Avatar
Love this!!

Psst...I know a location where you can hear the cows and chickens, Walmart is only a couple miles away and the 'city' is half the population of yours and very eclectic. Oh, and killing rattlers is encouraged!
Posted 04-08-2016 at 05:02 PM by redcat redcat is offline
ZoydW's Avatar
Hijiller, shipyards spliffyards. Try the East Village.
Posted 04-08-2016 at 07:40 PM by ZoydW ZoydW is offline
MisterBlueSky's Avatar
Move back home - and dont think twice!!
Posted 04-10-2016 at 07:49 PM by MisterBlueSky MisterBlueSky is offline
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