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Tears in the Dark

Posted 10-29-2018 at 09:12 PM by Rob_Line
Sometimes, when she straddles me in the dark, Carla cries. Her fingers reach between us to tease me full; she looms unseen in the space above me. I sense rather than see her take me in. She rocks, tugging me upward into her slick heat, coaxing me deeper with each descent. Then the tears come, spattering cool onto my chest. They evaporate so quickly I can't tell if they were real.

At first I chalked it up to sweat, or a trick of air currents between my naked chest and the warm blanket that had just been there. But tears are the only thing that makes sense. She bucks harder, impaling herself onto my half awakened body as she silently cries.

I want to stop the train. Roll her onto her side, dim the light, and murmur encouraging words as I kiss her tears away.

Instead I grip her waist tight and surge into her so hard we're lifted from the mattress. Grind the base of myself into her wetness before withdrawing slowly, just nestled between her lips. Thrust deep, invading the flesh that welcomed me a moment before, over and over until our skin is a blur and our hips are sore from the thrashing.

Because somewhere inside, I know that kisses and murmurs of encouragement wont do a damn bit of good. But fucking her silly in the dark, until we both collapse in a tangle of limbs? That's real.
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