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Posted 09-24-2010 at 04:15 PM by Tndream
Ok, so I know I have been kinda lax lately in filling everyone in.

So we have had a few things happen here and there.

I took my Midterms,
I got the grades back, not what I had hoped for, but, not the worst either,.
So far I am pulling a 3.5 GPA.
I am hoping to be able to pull it up a bit more,
but I figure 3.5 is pretty respectable.

Finals are coming up in December,

so, I have to concentrate on muscle names,
origins, insertions and actions of each one,
specificlly the trunk area, yes, that means the shoulder and spine.
I also have to memorize even more terminology.

well, last week, Oscar bought himself a truck.
nothin fancy, basiclly, he had a 99 Suburban dropped in his lap for a song.
So we scrimped and scrounged and came up with the cash.

We had found what we thought was ahelluva deal on a place.
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms..woulda been a lil snug, but, it woulda worked.
we took a tour of the place with the agent,
and afterwords, I had the strangest feeling gnawing at my gut.
and the neighbors dog kinda worried us a bit too.
But, we went ahead and made the offer,
it was countered,
then we found out the place is actually older than we were told.
So we decided to go ahead and respecfully decline.

so, were gonna keep our eyes open on the forclosures.
now is about the time of year that we start having tax forclosures.
so maybe we can save a bit more, and find one that isnt too bad off.
last year i saw one in the paper, 35 acres of land with a house, that got forclosed on for 1500 in back taxes.

Oscar wanted me to tell yalls how bad he has it here.
He absolutely hates living here.
He has been forced to become my guinea pig,
and lay there and take massages once or twice a week after kinesiology classes,
so I can locate bones and muscles etc.

and last night, he had to lay there and take it again.
I gave him a long slow back rub, then gave him a long slow blow job as he layed there on the table.
he told me he isnt sure he can handle it,
says life is jus too tough for him now

and if ya believe that,
I got some prime swampland in Arizona I can sell ya...
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Biggle's Avatar
poooooor Oscar....
Posted 09-28-2010 at 07:31 PM by Biggle Biggle is offline
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