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Christmas at my house

Posted 12-26-2010 at 01:11 AM by SpecialK
Christmas at my house starts in the middle of September...when the weather starts getting colder.. and I realize that Christmas is only a few months away... and I know that if I wait until the last few weeks like usual, I will wind up getting the leftover items and not having a large selection to appease my daughters' virtually insatiable materialistic appetite. So I start listening to them in the store.. paying attention to the things they spend more time looking at. If I get the chance, that's when I start my Christmas shopping. I pick up a few items here and there. Then comes the interesting game of hide and seek with the presents... but I have that covered now.. I just put them in the trunk.. and take them to work with me.. I can lock them in my office and neither daughter will ever see them. So I feel so great about getting a head start on the gift giving.. and about the first of December.. I am done!! ..or so I think... then comes the dreaded words... "Oh.. I'm not into that anymore" ....or my cousin just got a ______ and it's not as fun as I thought... So then it's back to the stores for round two of "finding the appropriate presents. I can now pick out the two items I was going to get.. but couldn't because of budget restrictions due to the first expensive (now unwanted) item. After a few rounds of this... I finally have everything perfect. THEN I get to talk to my sisters... about what they got their children... I know Christmas isn't about material possessions.. but the first thing my daughters do on Christmas day is visit my parents.. and all the kids compare gifts... Oh.. each of my sisters have a 16 yr old son this year.. with a driver's license.. so guess what they're getting for Christmas.. yup.. a car.. not a late model one.. but still a decent vehicle.. better than what I drive anyway. My youngest sister has a 13 year old daughter.. 3 weeks younger than mine.. and she's only getting a new Laptop.. a Wii... some games... and an assortment of presents to make me feel like I scraped up some stuff at the Goodwill thrift store. Same with my other sister's kids too.. So ...I have a heart to heart talk with my children.. about how Christmas time is a time for remembering the birth of Jesus ..and for being with family.. and that it's not about all the presents they get. Needless to say.. even though I made the effort, I think most of what I said didn't exactly prepare them for the largely one sided discussion that ensued this year once they started comparing gifts at my parents house again. So.. another Christmas has come and gone.. and I am glad it's over.. not because I hate Christmas.. or anything like that.. but to me.. it's all gotten wayyy to materialistic.. and even though I am certain I am just a little down.. I will go through the same thing next Christmas. It's sorta getting to be a yearly tradition. Maybe someday they'll realize how much I have tried to do right by them... and how even though I don't get them as much as their cousins get.. I couldn't love them more than I do now.
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Your girls know you love them. You are there every day to hear about what went on. They KNOW you are there. You are the best gift buyer ever. You listen to them, and watch them and get them the very best that you can.

When my step son was younger we went through this. We were still paying lots of child support and hub's exwife married a guy from a family with alot of money. Our Christmas, birthday, & graduation presents ALWAYS looked puny in comparisson and no matter HOW many people told us not to let it get to us we did. But I tried to make up for it in ways could. With time. With fun. With our relationship. You give your kids as MUCH as you can. You love them for who they are. You let them spread their wings when it's time and you ALWAYS be there for them when they fall. You are there when they throw up in the middle of the night and you are there to make them giggle or a hug when you need it. They know they are loved as much as they can at that age...and they WILL know even more when they grow up.

I grew up WITH money, with a lawn boy, a cleaning lady and a shit load of presesnts. I would have traded it all for peace over the holidays or birthdays. I really would have.

If the worst you can say about yourself is that you wish you could have given your kids more presents because you love them so much, I think you are are doing pretty freaking great.
Posted 12-26-2010 at 01:35 PM by Sneaky Sneaky is offline
both your storys are very nice hope you had a merry christmas
Posted 01-11-2011 at 08:19 PM by mglowrider mglowrider is offline
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I Think you should have a talk with your girls. Tell them that you are trying something new this year in honor of Jesus. Explain that you want to give them one nice gift that they believe they will use for more than a month.

Then tell them that the rest of what you have saved for Christmas will be used to buy gifts for three children in a homeless shelter. Describe how the three of you will pick a name from the charity wish tree, and then go shopping together for the presents.

After that you will get pizza and wrapping paper and you will go home and have a wrapping party. On Christmas Eve you bring the gifts to the children.
If your kids don't enjoy that and fuss about it with you, then they are bitches and you no longer need to do anything except put $50 in a card and tell them to buy what they want.
Posted 07-31-2017 at 05:39 PM by hijiller hijiller is offline
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