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just another day in paradise

Posted 07-11-2011 at 11:57 AM by Tndream
for the last week, I have been cleaning the garage, and helping my daughters with their projects.

" Da boss" wants a knife block sort of thing that she can use for her baking and decorating utensils.

Bear has been working on a shooting block, basiclly a block of wood that she can put ammo in, so she knows which target she is shooting at.

Yesterday, I went out to work in the garage, then I got the brilliant idea to clean up the lanterns that we were going to use for sturgis next month.

after i was done with those, I went to mow the area where bear practices her shooting.
that was already done, so I finished mowing the back plot.

Now since that is done, after I get done tending the animals, I get to go mow the other half of the plot, where the dogs are at, fun.

then, after that area is done, I get to go to the back 40.

I am definatly not happy about that one, it has not been mowed all summer, and since it has not been dry at all this year, and we have had lots of rain and sun...
the weeds are high and thick.

and no I do not have a riding mower, it is all done by a push mower.

I need to go into the dogs sleeping area, and fix the place up, get rid of all the plastic that they have drug in, hose down the decking, take a shovel and a rake in there,
level out the ground a bit, re lay the decking.

then I have to clean out the coop.
rake everything out, put in some fresh straw, put up some new support beams for the nesting boxes.

I have to fix the overhang, put up some new support beams on the sides where the rotted ones have fallen.

not to mention laundry, house chores, and fixing dinner.

well, this is not getting my stuff done.
think Ill check my online class, then head out to get some work done.
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