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No I Won't Come in Your Room

Posted 05-08-2014 at 11:51 AM by .Cotties
Updated 05-14-2014 at 07:41 AM by .Cotties
Did I ever tell you about the time I went to a Marist Catholic school and I was caught stealing beer from the brothers. So my punishment was to clean their rain gutters on the Saturday but to my surprise my parents weren't notified of this after school punishment. They also told me I could wear what ever I wanted so I thought this is perfect as my parents would never know what happened.

I thought to myself that fine sunny Saturday morning as I put on my blue jeans and button up shirt, I wonder what they have install for me after I get my hand right up their rain gutters and clear them. I wonder how long it had been since another young 14 year old boy glistening with sweat had helped them with their needs. To be continued....

So it was around 11am after I had collected some leaves and placed them in pile. Brother David had kept a close eye on me for over an hour as he knew I must have been the ring leader of all the boys. In a way I felt special but a little bit uncomfortable as the look in his eyes kept a secret I just couldn't unravel.

As Brother David approached me I flexed my muscles to make it look like I was straining and putting 100 percent into it. He smiled gently and said go into the house as brother John has a drink for you.

I entered that old house at the back of the school. The floorboards moaned like the heavy set brothers had pounded on them for years. I entered the kitchen and the brothers all had a beer on the table and looked up at me and said hello with a welcoming smile. I said is brother John here. He said that would be me. Can I offer you a beer? I said no thinking to myself its a bit early for that. He said what about a chardonnay then as he stood up and approached me.............

Part 3 or something

Big, Bad and Hairy

My goodness you fat bastards I thought to myself as he handed me a plate of meat and white bread. He asked me to take it to brother Marks room. By this stage I realized why those alter boys look so nervous and pale. They must be exhausted by these mens daily requests and who eats a sandwich in 1987 without butter. These men were strange but it did remind me of a slumber party I once went to but I even found that creepy. Lesson there was never sleep at a boys house you think is strange at school because he will be twice as strange when you end up in his home.......but lets get back to my punishment.

By this stage my brain is on overdrive. I'm near shaking with fear. I'm thinking this is not how I want to lose my virginity. I want to do it with a girl who passes out half drunk at a party like all the other normal kids.

So up this long hallway I go thinking I wish I was a boyscout and not a catholic. I forgot, was it bedroom 3 on the left or 4 on the right. I sure wish I had paid attention when he told me instead of thinking how ugly he was.

I remember this little side table with a phone and a photo. I thought it was Jesus but it reminded me of Noel "Crusher" Cleal who was my favorite footballer at the time. I knew far more about footy than I did about God. I had only been at this school for a month so had never had intimate experiences with men in white dresses before. I thought what would "Crusher" do. He would probably side step and then break someones nose by going over the top of them..........not a bad idea but I heard this noise coming out of a room 4 on the right and now it was time to worry or better put...panic.

Go......come can do it...go....hard...harder...I am outside this door and I am now shaking from head to toe. The noise coming out of this room sounded kind of angry and frustrated but real determined. I thought I was sweating out there in that sun but I could barely see now as the sweat from my forehead had filled my eyes and was stinging. In my head all I could think was run and why did I ever leave the public school system. oh thats right..expelled.

I couldn't bring myself to knock on this door as I stood outside it listening to the very distressing sounds. Brother John appeared at the top of the hallway and in his strong voice he said, what are you doing.....just knock on the door. The door in front of me flies open.

Dedicated to
Noel "Crusher" Cleal

I'll just spoil the ending. Thanks girls for reading my dribble.

He was listening to the horse races. Screamed at the other brother..whats he doing in here.

I made a bee line for that front door and headed to work packing groceries. i never said can I go home I just left. The entire thing stunk to high heaven. I'll never know if they did shit to boys and don't presume they did and you guys are the first people I have ever mentioned this too.
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hijiller's Avatar
Cliffhangers..hurry up!

Fingers losing their grip..will the young man be violated??
Posted 05-08-2014 at 12:21 PM by hijiller hijiller is offline
Updated 05-08-2014 at 01:48 PM by hijiller
SophieC's Avatar
This has taken a turn for the bleak that I was anticipating but still can't look away.
Posted 05-09-2014 at 02:43 AM by SophieC SophieC is offline
hijiller's Avatar
If that brother is in there learning clog dancing, i want pictures.
Posted 05-13-2014 at 10:19 AM by hijiller hijiller is offline
SophieC's Avatar
I'm hoping Crusher is in there frankly.
Posted 05-13-2014 at 11:29 AM by SophieC SophieC is offline
.Cotties's Avatar
Posted 05-13-2014 at 12:14 PM by .Cotties .Cotties is offline
Updated 05-14-2014 at 12:48 PM by .Cotties
Alpheius's Avatar
Went to a Christian Brothers Catholic school.

Was a goody two shoes... didn't get a detention in my life... stories like yours scare the bejesus out of me.
Posted 10-13-2016 at 06:20 AM by Alpheius Alpheius is offline
hijiller's Avatar
I forgot you can actually write cogent sentences. This secret may leak out and ruin your rep in the newsroom. My lips are zipped. I promise.
Posted 10-13-2016 at 09:35 AM by hijiller hijiller is offline

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