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Just a reminder.... I have a feeling that thread will be a challenge

No naked frontals, or able to see through clothing including shapes of what it is.
No touching frontals or anywhere too near , including hands down panties or over clothes. (including no objects touching there either!)
Nothing indicating masturbation.
Naked boobs and butts are allowed.
No one to be touching the boobs or butts. Holding or covering "your own" boobs tastefully is acceptable!
Nothing to indicate sexual activities. Nothing sexually explicit. (Dressed or undressed!)
No bodies touching each other, or hands touching body parts.
No mouth to mouth kissing, since it can sometimes be on the borderline of indicating sexual activities, so this way makes it easier for everyone to understand!
No biting, no licking etc..
No kids at all, not even in cartoons.
No animals in any sexual acts or sexually.
No celebrities. Dead or alive. Or well known cartoons.
No company Logos/Icons (especially those that relate to children) due to possible copyright infringements.
No sick pictures which may offend.

Remember these rules are also for any links posted.

Posting against the rules may result in an infraction and it could mean a short ban too!
Especially if you've been here long enough to know better!

When posting pictures in your albums (or anywhere else in the site including links), please make sure it is only of yourself, do not include anyone else in the pictures as they may not want to be on the internet and we won't know if they do or not!
And please do not use pictures of someone else and claim them as yourself!
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