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Originally Posted by OICurready4me
That sounds similar to my situation except my wife's life evolves around me and it drives me nuts. I enjoy our time together but I am all she has so everything she does and wants to do I have to be a part of. I need my alone time like anybody but she doesn't understand and it gets her upset when I choose to spend time without her at times since she wants to spend every waking moment with me. I wish she were more self-reliant, besides being having a better sex drive. Other than I do love her.
Ahhh, you sound like a sweet hubby. I can understand why she would feel that way. When I'm home all day, I do wish he was here to keep me company, but I also know that he needs to work so that i can continue living this lifestyle. To pass time I started going to the gym, and watching tv shows like Regis and Kelly, I LOVE that girl, the view, days of our lives. I will do the house work with the tv on and it seems to pass the time good. My problem is my sex drive is extrememely high, so this leads to looking at porn on the internet...oh and talking to you guys, lol. I take about 5 vacations a year, so then there's always vacation searches, I guess that would be my hobby besides regular shopping.

I think your wife feels when you choose to spend your time away from her that your choosing sides and then she probably internalizes it and feels there must be something wrong with her that you would choose "X" over her. I've felt like that a time or two, but I know it's dumb so then I snap out of it. I just get so damn horny I tell him to just fuck me and then he can go do whatever, I'm not clingy.
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