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Originally Posted by Norfolkdave
Im not filling for filling sake, I have said all along I love this site and I like answering the threads that I read, each to their own, but while the soapbox is out, If I want a chat with someone on here I will. If I want to bring Happiness into my life and I can make someone smile I will. Im sorry if you look upon it that Im racing ahead Im not, you can take away the posting numbers it makes no difference to me no difference at all. I spend time on here because its all I have in the winter months, I seem to be wrong in everything I do of late, cant post remarks on here with wording associated to females as its considered offensive but was part of the english lanquage, yet if someone else uses it nothing is said.................And if I use smileys in my posts Im sorry. If people dont like my posts then I,ll leave and you can have it all.
I'm not going to speak for Jazzy, but I don't think she was referring to you...

You've set the path, we are just humble followers..
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