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Originally Posted by Jazzy am I feeling? Well, how would you feel if you just found out you have another brother and that you're going to meet him in a few days? Anxious? Confused? Scared? Anticipatory? Excited?

...yep, I'm all those, and some other emotions I haven't identified yet.
Wow...go for all of the above. One of my high school friends, from a family of 6 kids....told me at her mom's funeral a couple years ago that they had another sister. Her mom had a baby as a teen and gave her up for adoption.
I met her at the funeral....

The mom had found her a few years previous and they had gotten to know her. All the kids welcomed her into the family with love. It was so nice to meet her...she fit right in.

Don't forget its not his fault just like its not your fault.... Hope it all works out for the best.
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