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Originally Posted by firefighter1111
I have been trying to figure out if everyone I have been flirting with is really as "curious" as they say. I chat with someone, we swap stories, begin planning to meet, and then all of a sudden, they are gone. No more chat, no reply to emails, nothing! I honestly believe most people are just curious to what they "could" get into, instead of what they "would" get into. I think they get afraid and then chicken out. They started off just plain out horny and it let them to here for "relief" yet they lost it when the ball started rolling(no pun intended).
Point #1 is that it is not accurate to look to group "everyone" who flirts on this site into one bucket. The reasons that people are here are varied, complex and layered. While there may be 4-5 median reasons, there will still be a myriad of others that have compelled people to flirt here.

Point #2 is that for most people, they are probably dealing with a number of complementing and contradictory values, mores, experiences and beliefs that are consciously and sub-consciously influencing their behavior and interests.

For some of these folks, they may have well believed that they either were planning to (or, conversely were not able to) progress things to the level you are looking for, only to have other parts of their being take dominance in their thinking and decision-making without their realization, compelling them to do the opposite.

My apologies if I have been illiterate or seemingly throwing out psycho-babble, but I do believe that a lot of our collective actions (both here on this site and beyond) may sometimes appear to others to be premeditatedly misleading, when in actuality it just is life in all its wonderful, muddy, convoluted glory, and that we are often discovering ourselves at the same time (or just moments before) others are discovering us.
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