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Default Avatar Rules! Also for albums, pictures/links in the forums, sigs and profile pages!

No naked frontals, or able to see through clothing including shapes of what it is.
No touching frontals or anywhere too near , including hands down panties or over clothes. (including no objects touching there either!)
Nothing indicating masturbation.
Naked boobs and butts are allowed.
No one to be touching the boobs or butts. Holding or covering "your own" boobs tastefully is acceptable!
Nothing to indicate sexual activities. Nothing sexually explicit. (Dressed or undressed!)
No bodies touching each other, or hands touching body parts.
No mouth to mouth kissing, since it can sometimes be on the borderline of indicating sexual activities, so this way makes it easier for everyone to understand!
No biting, no licking etc..
No kids at all, not even in cartoons.
No animals in any sexual acts or sexually.
No celebrities. Dead or alive. Or well known cartoons.
No company Logos/Icons (especially those that relate to children) due to possible copyright infringements.
No sick pictures which may offend.

Remember these rules are also for any links posted.

Posting against the rules may result in an infraction and it could mean a short ban too!
Especially if you've been here long enough to know better!

When posting your pictures in your albums (or anywhere else in the site including links), please make sure it is only of yourself, do not include anyone else in the pictures as they may not want to be on the internet and we won't know if they do or not! Especially don't post pictures of your children or anyone else's.
And please do not use pictures of someone else and claim them as yourself!

If you are not online on the site then your avatar may be deleted, if it is considered against the rules! Waiting could be too late!
If you are around then you may receive a PM requesting that you change your avatar.
An infraction may be given if you don't or keep re-posting the ones against the rules!
If your avatar is gone then it has been seen and considered against the rules!
Thank you very much for your co-operation.

If you would like an avatar before reaching 500 posts (Gold members),
send the avatar of your choice to;
But if I do put up an avatar which is something I am unaware of which is incorrect.. such as a company logo or don't know/ not recognized certain celebrities etc ...... but someone else has picked up on it then it will have to come back down as soon as it is noticed!

Originally Posted by Penny
I just want to let people know again why this rule is so important. If the avatars are considered porn then this site will also be considered a porn site and then we are basically dead in the water because what you need to do to operate a porn site in this country now is daunting to the point its just not worth it.

Originally Posted by Penny
Some of you may have gotten a PM asking you to change your avatar. Please be nice and understand that I want this site to still be here 5 years from now. I dont want to get a lawyer letter from some stupid more money than God movie star saying they are suing me for using their image witout their permission. Or even worse some porn star that thinks she is the next Grace Kelly getting pissed because I didnt pay a fee to use her image. Its a strange new world out there people. Things that seemed so small and trivial years ago are now a big deal.
Just hiring a lawyer to answer one of these letters could ruin this place so just bare with us

Also as always no kids, none what so ever, animated or real. Also keep them PG13. Touching private parts makes it R even if its over the clothes

If you have to bitch about being asked to change your avatar, go ahead and bitch at me I will listen, give you a hug and tell you everything will be ok in the morning

Originally Posted by Penny
If your avatar is too racey/too sexual it will be changed automatically to
one of the basic ones. Dont get upset and you are not being singled out
but if it contains two people or a kid (cartoon or not) its probably going
to go! .............

Everyone can see them even if they aren't registered. So it is possible
for underage people to see them too.
Thanks for your support.
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