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WOW... just got a little hot reading this....

Originally Posted by denny422 View Post
Absolutely agree. Get a vibrator (standard size-don't scare her) and give her a whole body massage with it. Adjust the setting for response, but probably low- mid-range to start. You should know the right spots. Make sure to take some time in places that aren't the obvious ones first. You'll be surprised how much reaction you get in places you wouldn't suspect like the back of the knees or calves (and the places will change-trust me, otherwise I would suggest some more). Then go really slowly around the breasts and take a LOOOONG time to hit the nipples with it. Work your way around and up the breast till you're right at the edge of the nipple, then lift it off for a second or so, then lightly touch the nipple. She'll come right up off the bed. The next time, proceed on up without the lift. The anticipation and not knowing will get her going.

EVENTUALLY (and maybe not the first, second, etc.. time you do this, you judge) try to go south with it and see what reaction you get. If she panics, back off and try later or another day. If you do this right, she will be so into it, she won't realize what you're doing until she's screaming.

And don't neglect to be doing other things while you're doing this, kissing, licking, whispering, etc. to keep her mind on what she's feeling and not the actuatity of what you're up to. Yes, she knows; but the fact that you are willing to take this kind of time and give her this much attention may tip the scales for you.

Again, don't proceed with the expectation of getting to "home base" the first time out. Respect her wishes and you'll (eventually maybe) be glad you did.
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