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Dear Mr Change

In response to your last reply and after having a long and self centered think about it. I found the sales pitch to my relative satifaction. To close the deal I'll need a few guarantees and a warranty.She doesn't blow smoke. The head can't be warped from overheating too often. The electric starter must work in all conditions. Now for the accessories that I'll pay for. I want an alarm instead of a tracking device. Dress rims, foxy not tacky ones and a push button torque restricter. So when I put my foot down she doesn't lose control.
Your paying costomer
Originally Posted by spare_change
Dear Mr. Cotties -

You will be delighted to know that we have put on the waiting list for one of our 1980 models, tan with shock absorbing bumpers, both front and back, a fully adjustable rear suspension to maximize ride comfort, and firm front suspension for better handling. In addition, we have requested the more efficient racing lubricant serviced rear drive in order to enhance your driving experience.

However, we would be remiss if we did not inform you that most consumers, at your age and economic level, are less than pleased with the 1980 model over a long period of time. While they seem to be fine for occasional jaunts, when left in the garage for extended periods of time, they become cranky and hard to start. They tend to consume all your resources, while requiring significant maintenance hours spent rollerblading and club hopping. If we might be so bold as to suggest, you might be more comfortable with one of our 1970 models - though slightly more used, still in fine working condition with a true understanding of the value of a leisurely ride, as well as the ability to sprint when commanded. Typically,the 1970 version enjoys the trip more, appreciates the excitement of side trips off the beaten path, and provides a more complete experience for its owner.

As always, our clients have the final say, and we stand ready to support your final decision.
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