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Flirting God
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Default Childhood Fancies or Real

Christianity tells us God is responsible for the rain, science explains how nature is the cause. But who (or what) is responsible for fairies??
Some say they exist only in our imagination, others truly believe they are as real as a cool breeze on a hot summers day. Very subtle but never the less - real!

Do you believe or not?

On our usual holiday with our grandparents when I was 8 and my sister 10, we experienced a flood. Eventhough the house was two storey it was not high enough for this flood. We were shipped out by the life savers in one of their boats to the safety of our great uncles produce store in the centre of town.
We rowed past a weeping willow. My sister and I side by side. When we looked at the tree sitting on a branch just above our eye level, with her arms wrapped round her knees was a (you guessed it) fairy.
She stood, placed a finger to her lips in the 'hush' sign and all we could do was look at each other with mouths wide open in wonder and disbelief.
We both heard her say 'Don't bother telling the adults as they will not believe you'.
Decades later the subject was broached by someone and my sister and I just looked at each other. Neither thought the other would remember the incident, but we both did.
So when my children asked and if my grandchildren should ask 'Do fairies really excist?' I did and shall tell them 'yes, because I have seen one, and seeing is believing'.
Good things come to those who wait. Not sure how long one needs to wait though!!
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